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Batman LEGO Mini Figure – Different Versions

The Batman minifigure is based on one of the most famous super hero comics of all time - Batman, from the DC Comic Universe.  The original LEGO releases for Batman came in 2006.  These sets are now fairly rare as LEGO discontinues building block sets after a set time period.

The first appearance for the LEGO Batman minifig came in two versions.  Then came a another version in 2007, and yet another in 2008.  These different versions of LEGO Batman reflect the different Batman continuities.  One of these Batman LEGO minifigures was originally released as a Comicon exclusive in 2005, before any of the LEGO Batman sets were released.  That variant was then released to the masses the following year.  This version resembled the 1989  Batman movie.

A fan favorite, the 2007 Batman came out to look like the Classic Comic version of Batman.  This version has a silver torso with blue accents.

Since the initial release of the LEGO Batman series, there are now quite a few versions of this LEGO minifigure.  Fans have been treated in recent years to quite a few versions thanks to the release of the DC Heroes LEGO sets and minifigures.

  • Original Suit
  • Batman Film Suit
  • Classic Comic Suit
  • The Dark Knight Film Suit
  • Comicon Batman Suit
  • Black Super Heroes Suit (and New Cowl Version, and With Wings)
  • Blue Super Heroes Suit (and with Jetpack version)
  • Electro Suit
  • Arctic Suit
  • The Dark Knight Rises Suit
  • Beware the Batman Suit
  • Scuba Suit
  • Juniors version
  • Duplo LEGO Batman
  • The LEGO Movie Batman (and no cape)

duplo-lego-movie original w-wings blue-jetpack

Below are auctions for various LEGO Batman Figures on eBay:

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