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The Elusive Original LEGO Jango Fett Minfigure

When LEGO first introduced the Star Wars themed line of LEGO sets I'm sure nobody thought they would become as popular as they have.  Almost every original LEGO Star Wars set is valued at much higher than what they retailed for back in the early 2000's.  Most every set is extremely collectible at this, compounded by the fact that LEGO doesn't release sets for long before discontinuing.

LEGO released a few different versions of the famous Slave I ship that Boba Fett flew around in.  They also released Jango Fett's version of the Slave I and included a Jango Fett minifigure and a young version of Boba Fett.  These two LEGO Star Wars minifigures are among the rarest of mass-produced LEGO figures, and fans are willing to pay to get their hands on these little guys.

Many fans are content for skip paying the big bucks for the original versions of these minifigures and just make a custom version. This is way cheaper and also gives a fan the chance of adding their own personal touch to Jango Fett. And that is what LEGO is all about right? Also, since customizing LEGO building blocks is a fairly common thing, there are plenty of these custom LEGO Jango Fett figures available on ebay and other places.

Overall, the LEGO Slave I 7153 set is tough to get your hands on in good shape. If you were lucky enough to have picked one up back when they were originally released, and you somehow managed to keep yourself form ripping open the box right away but instead saved it, then you have a highly desirable and collectible piece of LEGO Star Wars history!

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