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Emmett LEGO Mini figure

The now famous minfigure character from The LEGO Movie is also available as a real life mini figure.  Emmett was the main character of the official movie and also the hero that saved the day.

The minifig really doesn't have many features that are unique to it, and that is one of the main points of the movie.  Emmett is a "regular Joe" that doesn't have any standout qualities about him.  The Emmett figure does have a somewhat unique smile though.  And you won't find many other LEGO figures that include a name badge.

If you haven't seen The LEGO Movie it's worth a go.  It has a few characters from their licensed brands like LEGO Batman, LEGO Superman, LEGO Superwoman, and others like Harry Potter characters and Lord of the Rings characters.  Only LEGO could pull that off.  You couple those famous characters with a Will Ferrel appearance, along with a well-written plot, and LEGO delivers a really good movie that appeals to many ages.

One of the favorite things that people like about the movie is that, even though it has those different famous characters, the hero is just a "regular Joe".  The LEGO Emmett minifig is worth adding to your collection.

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