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LEGO Iron Man Mini Figure Versions

The LEGO Iron Man minifigure was first released in 2012 along with the rest of the Super Heroes from Marvel Comic. There are 5 different versions of the Iron Man minifig. There is a suitcase version of Iron Man called the Mark 5. And there is also the Tony Stark minifigure.

The background for the Iron Man character comes from the line of Marvel Comics of the same name. Tony Stark is the son of one of the richest men in the world. He builds and sells arms to the U.S. military. In an incident in which he was captured he was able to see first hand what his weapons were doing to the world.

During this incident he created the first Iron Man suit, and subsequently a bunch of different versions of that suit.  The LEGO Iron Man Minifigure versions are listed here:

  • Mark 5
  • Mark 6
  • Mark 7
  • Mark 17
  • Mark 42
  • Comic version

LEGO Iron Man Minifigure Versions

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